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Finding ease wherever you are


Do you live abroad and find yourself feeling overwhelmed, lost, misunderstood or lonely at times?
Does the rollercoaster mix of excitement and struggle cause you to feel out of balance?
Do your emotions weigh you down and you reached a point when it’s all just too much?

You want to feel more joy & connection, calmness & inner strength but aren’t sure what to do?

Coaching RAW Sept 2017-6
Work with me

As a Wellness Coach, I would love to work with you when you feel emotionally exhausted by this rollercoaster life. I help you to release stressors so that you find ease & joy and feel more grounded within yourself.




At Ease Toolbox
At Ease Toolbox

The At Ease Toolbox can help you to feel more grounded ~ whenever you need it, no matter where you are! Simply go here to receive it directly into your inbox.







At Ease Blog
At Ease Blog

The At Ease blog is all about finding ease. May that be through ‘food for thought’, wellness and well-being topics or easy recipes. Why not hop over and have a look?




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And please contact me if you want to connect further.

Find Ease, wherever you are.

~ Ann-Katrin ~


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