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Hi, I’m glad you found me. I’m Ann-Katrin van Schie and over the past 15 years, I lived abroad, returned to my home country and moved again. I moved alone, with my husband, with babies and meanwhile with three kids/pre-teens. I’ve called Antwerp, Singapore, Cairo, Essen, Tokyo and currently Muscat home.

Do you live abroad? It can easily happen that we lose ourselves in this way of living, no?

I find it’s a life filled with excitement and joy but as well, worries, fears, judgements, concerns and uncountable hellos and goodbyes. And not everybody will understand what it means and why we do it, at times over and over again. Do you feel the same about this way of living?

I’m aware and not immune against the challenges that come with living abroad but over the years I found my way on how to soften the blow when it comes.

As a Holistic Wellness Coach and (local) Yoga Instructor, I help others who struggle by this rollercoaster life of life-abroad.

My clients might feel lonely, are overwhelmed by all the adjustments, misunderstood and have lost themselves while trying to find their sense to belong.  It’s all getting “too much” somehow.

I work with them to increase their well-being so that they find ways to feel at ease again.

If you see yourself in here, are struggling or are feeling overwhelmed then let’s work together to get a sense of ease back into YOUR life!

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Find your ease – wherever you are,

~ Ann-Katrin ~

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