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5 quick fixes to feel At Ease this Christmas Season

Christmas Season, wohoo, it’s finally here! I, especially, love the start of this season. The excitement, the decoration, the baking and Christmas music. In our household, it all kicks off on Dec 1st. It's all so nice and joyful. But let’s be honest, this special season, as joyful and merry as we (want to) make… Continue reading 5 quick fixes to feel At Ease this Christmas Season

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Overthinking ?!

Funny how a skatepark brought connections to real life situations. I was watching my kids cruising around, challenging themselves and I could notice when the overthinking started and what it did to them in that moment. The moment when they took too long, when they started to analyse any possible outcome, losing their easiness. One could… Continue reading Overthinking ?!

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Expectations – not always easy  

Expectations are a strong belief that something will be the case, happen or that we are looking forward to something. And if we think about it , we all have them in almost everything; the small and the big things in life; in others and in ourselves - a holiday, the weather, friends, how a… Continue reading Expectations – not always easy  

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Same same but always different 

As I walk the streets these days, the sound of “ritsch-ratsch” comes out of open windows, moving trucks are parked around many corners. A clear sign that summer holidays are about to start - and so does moving time for many. With 16 years on the go, summer time is kind of “same - same… Continue reading Same same but always different