being at ease
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Why “at ease”?

Today I want to share a bit why I chose “at ease” and what it means to me. It’s more than just a name. It’s a deep feeling I want to achieve for and within myself and for others around me. We often hear we should aim for happiness. But for me, it’s the feeling… Continue reading Why “at ease”?

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It’s not always easy to be authentic, or? 

A lot is being said about how we should be authentic, true to ourselves. But there are times I struggle with it all, how about you? When I look at myself, I changed a lot over the years. And there are certain life happenings that have heavily influenced my overall approach on life and how… Continue reading It’s not always easy to be authentic, or? 

strawberry muffins
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Summerly Strawberry Muffins

It’s always nice when the kids inspire you to try something new. A while ago my youngest came home, telling me that they had baked Strawberry Muffins. Fast forward a few weeks and I finally tried them myself. Oh my, the kitchen smelled divine while the muffins baked! Yumm. I’m glad I baked them while… Continue reading Summerly Strawberry Muffins

power of breath
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Oh the power of breath!

Hi there, let's take a moment and think of how we breathe. Deep, conscious but relaxed breathing brings a great mind-body connection. Personally, I love to focus on it several times throughout the day. The instant benefit is amazing and it gives a 'breather', a moment of calmness. At times I imagine my breath moving… Continue reading Oh the power of breath!

zen garden
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What does “Zen” mean to you?

I had this great thought to write about Zen, and what it means to me, and to find out what it means to others. But … writing about “being Zen” in a moment when there is anything but Zen around me blocked me quite a bit I have to admit.  And instead of starting to… Continue reading What does “Zen” mean to you?