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Yoga, Fitness and Wellbeing

Energizing breath
Create a glimpse of mindfulness (Mindfulness)
Beep test fun
STOP practise (Mindfulness)
The Guesthouse (Poem Mindfulness)
Sunshine and Anchor (Mindfulness)
Thoughts – they can be so simple
A little teaser on Mindfulness  (Mindfulness)
Yoga Summit – come and join!
Tired of being tired…
Who am I?!
How much is enough?!
Eat Fat – Get Thin – some thoughts
How I got here…
Mudras – Hand Gestures
The buzzword – mindful (Mindfulness)
Meditation – don’t let it scare you!
Stay hydrated
Summer time thoughts
That Sugar book
Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Learn from not being perfect
Visualisation – Relaxation
The beauty of inspiration
Instant Relaxation Technique
Grounding – strong and firm
Advice from a Tree
Posture – feel it!
Being mindful
It’s in the mix!
Neck pain is a pain in the neck
International Yoga Day
The Sun Salutation
What is this “Yoga Feel” they talk about?
Going for a run – a love and hate relation
Just ‘breathe’

Food for Thought

Dare to ask & deal with feedback
When life throws us a curve-ball (Mindfulness)
Fine tuning life
10percent happier (book review, Mindfulness)
Keep your ease
Calmness in the midst of chaos
“Slow-mo” moments
Finding Balance
Dear You (poem Mindfulness)
A tiny smile can go a long way
Just for a day no complaints
Don’t judge a book by its title (book review)
Thoughts and Bubbles
More than just a rainy day
Habit changes – not always easy!    (book review)
Flow of Life – Sun Salutation
More than just a piece of jewellery (Life abroad)
Expats` loneliness (Life abroad)
2017 – stay focused and pick the good seeds only
Christmas time – Tradition time(Life abroad)
Empathy – Sympathy?! And can empathy be learned?
Improvise Life
No November blues…
Eat Fat – Get Thin – some thoughts
Am I spiritual?!
Blog Challenge
There is no black or white
Letting go of (summer holiday) expectations
Wings and roots
Go, go, go?!
The buzzword – mindful
All about the Balance
Colours of Life
Summer time – moving time (Life abroad)
A day with a twist – sharing and writing
Enjoy your cuppa…
Learn from not being perfect
If not you…
The beauty of inspiration
The beauty of a crack
Food for Thought
Advice from a Tree
I want it all
Being mindful
Parenting – How to talk so kids will listen… (book review)
Some weeks
Technology …
On the move again (Life abroad)
Friendship! Friendship?
Sometimes it is a card…
Life is a journey
Summer is coming
The often underestimated the struggle of repatriation – moving back home (Life abroad)
Help to Fight Obesity
The joy of digital pictures – or digital procrastination
Agree to Disagree
Getting started…

World of Recipes

Zucchini-Carrot Muffins
Fruit Scones
Chocolate Mint Cookies
Carrot Cake with Cardamom

Parmesan Crackers
Orzo Salad – Summer Salad
Peanut Butter Cookies
Salmon Fish Fingers
Oat cookies
Salmon Stir-Fry! Quick, easy, tasty
Yes, it is green, healthy and kids approved!
Lemon Curd cookies
Chocolate spread – so good!
Frosting – Help, no icing sugar!
Swedish Meatballs
Mini Meatloaves
p..p…poached egg
Banana cake
Summerly – Lemon Pesto
Chicken and Apple balls
Lemon Cake
Summer time – summer drink
Pasta with creamy sauce and mint
Toasted seeds with honey & soy
Light and Quick – Sugar rolls
Pizza – you can’t go wrong
Pesto at its best – homemade quick and easy
Oat Muffins – super quick and easy
Porcupine Meatballs
Salmon Burgers / Fishcakes

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