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For Your Ease provides blogs on various topics, Food for Thought, Wellness and Wellbeing.

World of Recipes brings you easy to cook or bake recipes.


For Your Ease 

Same, same but always different (Life abroad)
Playing Big by Tara Mohr (book comment)
All shades of pink (Cherry Blossom in Japan)
Dare to ask & deal with feedback
When life throws us a curve-ball (Mindfulness)
Fine tuning life
10percent happier (book review, Mindfulness)
Keep your ease
Calmness in the midst of chaos
“Slow-mo” moments
Finding Balance
Dear You (poem Mindfulness)
A tiny smile can go a long way
Just for a day no complaints
Don’t judge a book by its title (book review)
Thoughts and Bubbles
More than just a rainy day
Habit changes – not always easy!    (book review)
Flow of Life – Sun Salutation
More than just a piece of jewellery (Life abroad)
Expats` loneliness (Life abroad)
2017 – stay focused and pick the good seeds only
Christmas time – Tradition time(Life abroad)
Empathy – Sympathy?! And can empathy be learned?
Improvise Life
No November blues…
Eat Fat – Get Thin – some thoughts
Am I spiritual?!
Blog Challenge
There is no black or white
Letting go of (summer holiday) expectations
Wings and roots
Go, go, go?!
The buzzword – mindful
All about the Balance
Colours of Life
Summer time – moving time (Life abroad)
A day with a twist – sharing and writing
Enjoy your cuppa…
Learn from not being perfect
If not you…
The beauty of inspiration
The beauty of a crack
Food for Thought
Advice from a Tree
I want it all
Being mindful
Parenting – How to talk so kids will listen… (book review)
Some weeks
Technology …
On the move again (Life abroad)
Friendship! Friendship?
Sometimes it is a card…
Life is a journey
Summer is coming
The often underestimated the struggle of repatriation – moving back home (Life abroad)
Help to Fight Obesity
The joy of digital pictures – or digital procrastination
Agree to Disagree
Getting started…
Energizing breath
Create a glimpse of mindfulness (Mindfulness)
Beep test fun
STOP practise (Mindfulness)
The Guesthouse (Poem Mindfulness)
Sunshine and Anchor (Mindfulness)
Thoughts – they can be so simple
A little teaser on Mindfulness  (Mindfulness)
Yoga Summit – come and join!
Tired of being tired…
Who am I?!
How much is enough?!
Eat Fat – Get Thin – some thoughts
How I got here…
Mudras – Hand Gestures
The buzzword – mindful (Mindfulness)
Meditation – don’t let it scare you!
Stay hydrated
Summer time thoughts
That Sugar book
Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Learn from not being perfect
Visualisation – Relaxation
The beauty of inspiration
Instant Relaxation Technique
Grounding – strong and firm
Advice from a Tree
Posture – feel it!
Being mindful
It’s in the mix!
Neck pain is a pain in the neck
International Yoga Day
The Sun Salutation
What is this “Yoga Feel” they talk about?
Going for a run – a love and hate relation
Just ‘breathe’

World of Recipes

Chicken Meatballs with Teriyaki Sauce
Zucchini-Carrot Muffins
Fruit Scones
Chocolate Mint Cookies
Carrot Cake with Cardamom

Parmesan Crackers
Orzo Salad – Summer Salad
Peanut Butter Cookies
Salmon Fish Fingers
Oat cookies
Salmon Stir-Fry! Quick, easy, tasty
Yes, it is green, healthy and kids approved!
Lemon Curd cookies
Chocolate spread – so good!
Frosting – Help, no icing sugar!
Swedish Meatballs
Mini Meatloaves
p..p…poached egg
Banana cake
Summerly – Lemon Pesto
Chicken and Apple balls
Lemon Cake
Summer time – summer drink
Pasta with creamy sauce and mint
Toasted seeds with honey & soy
Light and Quick – Sugar rolls
Pizza – you can’t go wrong
Pesto at its best – homemade quick and easy
Oat Muffins – super quick and easy
Porcupine Meatballs
Salmon Burgers / Fishcakes




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