environmental wellness
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Environmental Wellness

Environmental Wellness - it plays such a big role nowadays. After all, it has an impact on how we interact with the nature around us we can protect the world the environment influences our personal well being.  How does the environment we find ourselves in make us feel? And are we respectful of what is… Continue reading Environmental Wellness

Intellectual Wellness
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Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual Wellness sounds rather educational but don’t shy away because it’s actually very down to earth.  When we refer to the Intellectual Wellness it means to participate in scholastic, cultural, and community activities. And it's important as it helps to expand knowledge and skills in order to live a stimulating, successful life. (source: https://news.illinoisstate.edu) And I… Continue reading Intellectual Wellness

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Socialising thoughts and recipes ideas

Thoughts and recipes for easier socialising. If you are anything like me, you feel a bit overwhelmed and stressed by the pure thought of having 4 or more people over to your home and “having to” cater for them. Yes - no? If “no”, I admire you but still invite you to keep reading for some… Continue reading Socialising thoughts and recipes ideas

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Social Wellness (1)

As promised in my previous post I am digging deeper into the eight pillars of Wellness for, but not limited to, Expatriates and Repatriates. And I decided to start with the Social Wellness. Why? Because as somebody on the move for almost 20 years I feel this can be one of the toughest ones. Sometimes… Continue reading Social Wellness (1)

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5 quick fixes to feel At Ease this Christmas Season

Christmas Season, woohoo, it’s finally here! I, especially, love the start of this season. The excitement, the decoration, the baking and Christmas music. In our household, it all kicks off on Dec 1st. It's all so nice and joyful. But let’s be honest, this special season, as joyful and merry as we (want to) make… Continue reading 5 quick fixes to feel At Ease this Christmas Season