Physical Wellness
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Physical Wellness 

Physical wellness, is it just exercise? No, there's more to it. It’s an overall package of keeping active, making sure to get sufficient sleep and maintaining healthy eating habits. A weak(er) physical wellness can affect all areas of our overall well-being. But keeping this physical wellness balanced isn’t always easy and it takes effort; too… Continue reading Physical Wellness 

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All shades of pink

Have you ever been to Japan in early Spring?  If so, you will have noticed that almost everything seems to come in all shades of pink. Springtime here equals the bloom of the Cherry Blossom - and the whole country goes a bit crazy. It seems that everybody gets addicted to this ‘pink-spirited-season', also called Cherry… Continue reading All shades of pink

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Keep your “ease”

A few weeks ago I started a Bi-weekly Mindfulness Newsletter. I include formal and informal practices and hope to bring a sense of ease into the inbox. I chose bi-weekly to not be overwhelmed and to give time to focus on one topic. For today I would like to share my recently newsletter here, too,… Continue reading Keep your “ease”

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Sunshine and Anchor

I used to think that mindfulness was meant to focus more on the happier moments in life, so it was enlightening to realise that that is not what mindfulness is really about. Like the the rays of the sun does mindfulness shine and spread equally onto all areas of life, the positive, the neutral and the negative. It… Continue reading Sunshine and Anchor

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A little teaser on Mindfulness

Before you already cringe by just reading 'mindfulness' - replace it with 'awareness' and keep on reading! After all do we not all want to be more aware, in the moment, less stressed but calmer? My attention was recently drawn to a Mindfulness workshop, 2 hrs information on what it does for you and how you… Continue reading A little teaser on Mindfulness