financial wellness
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Financial Wellness

Financial issues … they can have a heavy impact as well on the emotional and physical wellbeing. Therefore paying attention to your Financial Wellness is crucial for you. But talking about finances is not something we easily do. With today’s blog, I want to give a better understanding of what Financial Wellness means, share steps… Continue reading Financial Wellness

Physical Wellness
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Physical Wellness 

Physical wellness, is it just exercise? No, there's more to it. It’s an overall package of keeping active, making sure to get sufficient sleep and maintaining healthy eating habits. A weak(er) physical wellness can affect all areas of our overall well-being. But keeping this physical wellness balanced isn’t always easy and it takes effort; too… Continue reading Physical Wellness 

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Same same but always different 

As I walk the streets these days, the sound of “ritsch-ratsch” comes out of open windows, moving trucks are parked around many corners. A clear sign that summer holidays are about to start - and so does moving time for many. With 16 years on the go, summer time is kind of “same - same… Continue reading Same same but always different 

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The other side of an expat life

Four years ago I wrote below piece on my personal blog. It caused some controversy with some people but still today I stand to those points, today perhaps even more so then ever. I therefore decided to dig the piece out, adjust it here and there and to publish it again. It is a longer… Continue reading The other side of an expat life

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Summer time – moving time

Do you notice all the small trucks and the "ritsch-ratsch" sound when you walk down the streets these days? Yes, it summer time and that means a lot of people are on the move again, packing up their belongings into boxes and arriving at new destinations and unpacking them all. It is especially predominant in… Continue reading Summer time – moving time