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Turkish Bread – quick and easy

It’s been quiet here on my blog as I tried to get to terms and find a rhythm in the days. I’m still not there yet and wonder if I ever will as the situation keeps on changing. But I miss my blog and need to find a way to get back into it all.… Continue reading Turkish Bread – quick and easy

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Tabbouleh recipe

Want to add something green to the dinner table? I started to mix up a bowl of Tabbouleh now and then. It definitely has something to do with living in the Middle East and the weather I find! Such a nice scent and refreshing colour and taste. And it can easily be pre-prepared and leftovers make… Continue reading Tabbouleh recipe

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When you only have one pot to cook – Porcupine Meatballs 

With every move, we need to bridge a few weeks in a temporary apartment until we find a new home and our container arrives. And more often than not the kitchens are not really well equipped.  We manage, we have all the basics like 2 pots and a pan and knives. But no extra electrical… Continue reading When you only have one pot to cook – Porcupine Meatballs 

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Parmesan Crackers

My kids love crackers and when we noticed we had no more, what better way than making your own?! All done in less than 20min. We may just stop buying them as the options for flavours seem endless and they are so quick and easily done! Below please find a recipe I found in a… Continue reading Parmesan Crackers

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Summer time – Salad time

I got fed up by what we were eating,  focusing too much on what the kids like, losing the balance in my meals and what I like. On top of that it got hot and nobody seems to be really hungry these days. So I took action and served hearty salad for dinner. Normal green salads… Continue reading Summer time – Salad time