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Financial Wellness

Financial issues … they can have a heavy impact as well on the emotional and physical wellbeing. Therefore paying attention to your Financial Wellness is crucial for you. But talking about finances is not something we easily do. With today’s blog, I want to give a better understanding of what Financial Wellness means, share steps… Continue reading Financial Wellness

environmental wellness
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Environmental Wellness

Environmental Wellness - it plays such a big role nowadays. After all, it has an impact on how we interact with the nature around us we can protect the world the environment influences our personal well being.  How does the environment we find ourselves in make us feel? And are we respectful of what is… Continue reading Environmental Wellness

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Well-being and the 8 Wellness Pillars 

Wellness and well-being; we speak a lot about those words. Sometimes they speak to us and trigger something good. Sometimes they are overused and become “buzz words” with no attention. And at other times both terms are frowned upon.  What do wellness and well-being actually mean?  Are they both the same or can they be… Continue reading Well-being and the 8 Wellness Pillars 

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Welcome NO-vember! No November blues this year! As we are coming towards the end of the year we more often than not start to feel worn out, exhausted and `off`. Well, at least I assume I am not alone out there feeling like that?! The past weeks have been dragging as I seem to have… Continue reading No-vember