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and find your ease when living abroad



Moving, no matter how often, can be hard. You face a lot of changes, challenges and adjustments that can leave you feeling emotionally drained.


Your daily life might seem simple and perfect to the outside.

But sorting yourself and the family is hard. Arranging normal day-to-day things can take its toll, whether it’s the logistics for the household or socialising.

You’re faced with a different culture, location and language – and often alone.

You keep going, you put effort into creating a home, connections, your family and friendships ~ and face many goodbyes along the way.

You have to find yourself, again and again.

You know you have to function and you want to make this situation work. But you are worn out.

You are tired of others telling you “this life of yours is so great but it’s not real life”.

Because for you, this life is your real life and at times you struggle.

You are juggling so many balls in the air and you do your best to keep it all together but you notice that you are losing yourself in all this.

Do any of these sound familiar:

  • You are crying alone, feeling lost, and at times lonely
  • You are unsure of who you are or where you belong.
  • You feel overwhelmed by so socializing, even dealing with day-to-day things feels hard at times
  • You feel torn between excitement and struggle.
  • You feel out of balance emotionally, don’t know what to do.
  • You feel disconnected from family members and friends who can’t relate to your life, worries and concerns.

You’ve reached your breaking point, you know you want more out of your situation. But you don’t know what to do or change to feel better.

You wish you had someone who could…

  • help you in releasing the pressure.
  • get you out of the “I’m drowning” feeling.
  • relate not only to your experiences but also to your emotions and feelings.
  • help you feel less overwhelmed and more focused.
  • support you to how to feel more connected to yourself, to your life.

You’re tired of feeling the way you do and you are ready to make some changes for your well-being. You want to feel more grounded and stronger, for yourself but also for your partner and/or family who rely on you.

To focus on what you need, to find your balance and inner strength, I offer you the “Finding Ease when living abroad” coaching session.

As a result of this package you will:

  • find your own focus to feel happier
  • find clarity on your biggest stressors and learn how to reduce them
  • be able to take steps to feel more grounded
  • release emotional baggage in a non-judgemental space
  • feel less overwhelmed

You will find joy and ways to be at ease and more connected to your day to day life!

The package includes:

Reflecting On The Now – Questionnaire

You will receive a questionnaire, giving you insights into various aspects of your life, such as social, physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, environmental and intellectual areas. This will be a focus – and a starting point – of our work together.

Your Focus – Session

During our 90-minute one-on-one session, and with the help of the wellness-questionnaire, we will discuss steps you can take to not only release the pressure but also to connect more to yourself.

We will define ways that will fit your personality, lifestyle and situation to get more focus, create calmness and feel grounded.

At the end of the session, you will feel encouraged and have personalised steps to bring a sense of ease and joy back to you!

Staying Focused – Action Steps

You will receive a session summary with personalised action steps that will leave you feeling less overwhelmed and bring focus and joy so that you can regain your strength.

All with the reassuring knowledge that you are not struggling alone anymore.

Follow-Up Call

Two weeks after our session, we will have a 30-minute check-in call to see if you feel more at ease. We will discuss if there is any tweaking that needs to happen to make you feel emotionally stronger and bring more joy to you.

This package to get a sense of ease back into your life is waiting for you for 89,- USD.

Wondering how to get started? Follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Make your payment here

Step 2: Within 48 hours of making your payment, you’ll receive an email from me with your prep work and instructions for booking your session.

Step 3: We’ll hold your 90-minute session and you’ll start getting back your ease.

Do you have questions? I am here for you, please email me.