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Moving, no matter how often, can be hard, and returning home after several years brings with it many different challenges.

You face a lot of changes and adjustments that can leave you feeling emotionally exhausted.

You hear others say that you are so fortunate and what a great opportunity you have had.

However, for you this isn’t just about being fortunate or seizing opportunities, this is your real life!

Do any of these sound familiar:

  • You lose yourself at times, are unsure of who you are or where you belong.
  • You feel torn between excitement and struggle and constantly feel out of balance emotionally.
  • You want to talk about your struggles, concerns, and worries but feel disconnected from family members and friends who can’t relate.
  • You find yourself feeling lost, and at times lonely.

You’ve reached a point when it’s all just too much.
You are excited yet overwhelmed by your life. 

You wish you had someone to talk to who could…

  • support you in releasing the pressure you find yourself under.
  • relate not only to your experiences but as well to your emotions. 
  • bring clarity and calmness so you feel more settled, not just for yourself but for your family and/or partner’s sake, too.

You’re tired of feeling the way you do and you are ready to make some changes to feel more grounded, to release the pressure you find yourself under and to be able to embrace what you have around you.

I’m here to listen and to support you – whether you live abroad or have returned home.
I help you get some calmness back into your life.

As a result of this coaching session, you’ll…

  • find clarity on your biggest stressors 
  • release emotional baggage in a non-judgemental space
  • feel understood and less overwhelmed
  • find joy and ways to be at ease in your current situation
  • be able to take day-to-day steps to feel more grounded and content.

The package includes:

Reflecting On The Now Take-Out Questionnaire

To get the best out of this session, you`ll receive a questionnaire to gain more insights into the challenges you face. This will give you a good start- and focus- point.

Getting Back Into Balance Session

During our 90-minute one-on-one session, you’ll be able to openly talk about what leaves you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. With the help on your questionnaire, we will narrow down what area in your life that needs the most attention. And you will get support on how to release some of the pressure you feel on you. At the end of the session, you’ll have tangible steps to find your ease again!

Staying Focused Acton Steps

After you were able to release some of the pressure you found yourself under and have discovered which area in your life wear you down the most, you’ll receive a session summary. You’ll have personalized action steps at hand that will leave you feeling less overwhelmed so you can regain your strength. All with the reassuring knowledge that you are not struggling alone anymore.

Follow-Up Call

Two weeks after our session we’ll have a 30-minute check-in call to see if you feel more settled. We will discuss if there is any tweaking that needs to happen to make you feel emotionally stronger and more content in your situation.

This package to get a sense of ease back into your life is waiting for you for 89,- USD.

Wondering how to get started? Follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Make your payment here

Step 2: Within 48 hours of making your payment, you’ll receive an email from me with your prep work and instructions for booking your session.

Step 3: We’ll hold your 90-minute session and you’ll start getting back your ease.

Do you have questions? I am here for you, please email me.